4LM: Splitgate Competitive Application

The official 4Legends Media Application for Splitgate Competitive.
Please Note: Questions proceeded by an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

Enter your full name.

Enter the name you are referred to online (ie: your Twitch channel).

Enter an active email address (this will be the primary source of contact throughout the recruitment process).

Please note that the following is REQUIRED! Your application will NOT be considered if you do not provide for the following platforms:

Discord Tag
Twitter Link
Twitch Link

Provide the name used for your Splitgate account.

Provide the highest rank you've achieved throughout all seasons.

Enter your current rank for the current season.

Must include your Tracker.gg link, failing to do so will result in an instant denial.

It is required to join the official 4Legends Media Discord server prior to submitting an application. Please join at discord.4legendsmedia.com before proceeding.

If so, please specify the reasoning and the outcome. Please include temporary restrictions.

Please provide all esports experiences: tournaments, organizations, events, etc.