Welcome to the 4 Legends Media Minecraft Section of the forums.

As you all have heard, the minecraft server is set to release on April 30th, 2021, 7:00 Pacific Standard Time. This server has been personally worked on by Boujee and I to make sure it’s running smoothly and everything works properly. We have added and repeatedly tested many features and plugins for you all to use and enjoy your time on the server.

We currently have 3 different gamemodes available on the server, which are the following:

Main Hub/Chill Server: Simply said, you can chill and talk on this server to other players, participate in parkour games to get highest on the leaderboard for the week/month, collect dust and open mystery chests to gain extras like pets, masks, particles, etc. and much more as time goes on.

Survival Server: Survival is… Survival. Everything outside of the main spawn point is for grabs, and you can be eliminated at any moment by any player. There are no rules in this survival mode (except for Toxicity/Hacking/Exploits, and a couple more as time goes on), therefore we recommend you keep your eyes peeled, find a safe space to hideout in (preferably far away) and build your base by yourself or with a trusted friend. Bases are not protected by any script and can be raided at any time, so be prepared to be attacked if its out in the open, or simply hide it so nobody accidentally finds it. There are also custom animals, quests, ores, etc. added into the server, so keep your eyes out for those! The server starts off with 30+ quests, so get busy!

Creative Server: Tired of survival and just want to build? No problem! Our creative server has 100x100 plots available for you to build on! All you have to do is /plot claim on a plot that doesn’t have red around it, and it’s yours forever! Build by yourself or with a friend and make the biggest build in the whole server.

While we are still IN BETA at the moment, all of our servers are currently at the lowest tier for us to test out whether you guys like the server or not! The more people that join, the more we upgrade the server, and more gamemodes/servers will be added! Therefore you MAY experience some lag.. But don’t worry we’ll eventually upgrade everything if we get enough active players!

MC Server IP: mc.4LegendsMedia.com

Thanks! We hope to see you on the server soon!