All updates, revisions, tests, events and changelogs will be posted here. The current version of the server is V1. Any major update will result in the first number changing (as in a new season/lots of brand new items, etc.)


Update V1.0 04/30/2021 Minecraft Server set to launch on April 30th, 2021, 8:00PST, Was a Success.

Update V1.01 05/01/2021 Minecraft Server has been upgraded from 5GB to 10GB on 05/01/2021 at 2:10AM.

Update V1.02 05/03/2021 Parkour has been moved below the map due to lag. The parkour now runs smoothly with 2 people playing at the same time, awaiting more players.

Update V1.03 05/04/2021 DayCycle and WeatherCycle have been turned OFF. Sunny weather will persist 24/7 and time will always be set to 1000.


TEST 1 05/04/2021 Plots can now be merged into each other. Starting today we will see if we can give players the ability to have 2 or more plots. At this time, the only player that has access to merging plots is "Edgar_420". This test will be continued for several days/weeks.


Revision 1 05/06/2021 Corrected Spelling on Minecraft Home Screen. "Hey, what are you wainting for?" has been changed to "EY! What are you waiting for??"


Event 1 04/30/2021 - "Parkour Challenge" First event of the server, parkour event. Player with the highest score on the leaderboard will receive a gifted sub to the 4Legends_Media twitch channel. Winner: FoolProofMc

Event 2 ??/??/2021 - "N/A" In the works.